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Features of Click Watch Dog™: Click Fraud Protection

Per-click advertising costs on search engines quickly add up. Advertisers can protect their ad profits by learning how to identify potential pitfalls. If you notice a sudden, unexplained drop in your conversion rates from paid listings, then it's certainly time for a little investigation.

Click Watch Dog is an auditing tool designed to identify and document click fraud. The Click Watch Dog service also offers a deterrent feature: After a specified number of repeated clicks (which the customer determines) from a PPC search engine, the perpetrator gets a pop-up message (which can be customized) that alerts him or her of your auditing program. The administrator also receives an e-mail notifying him of possible fraud taking place in real time.


Here are the features of Click Watch Dog™, Click Fraud Protection:

• IP Address: fixed (such as a DSL/Cable connection) or dynamic (a dial-up/proxy connection).

• User Location: Country of origin associated with the IP address when available.

• User Agent: The visitor's browser that initiates the web page request/transaction.

• Transaction Date & Time: The time stamp for the transaction, received from your web server.

• PPC Search Engine: The originating Pay-per-click Search Engine, and the originating partner site used in the transaction, if applicable.

• Keywords used: In most cases, the keywords used in each user's click will be displayed (as long as they are sent in the referrer field by the PPC Search Engine).

• IP Lookup: Find contact and registration information for IP addresses, and the numbers, organizations or customers that are associated with these resources.

• IP Tracking: If you don't know your competitors IP, you can use Click Watch Dog to send an e-mail. As soon as your competition opens this e-mail we will track their IP address. You can then use this IP to verify who's clicking your online ads.

More Click Watch Dog Program Info:

1. Error Popup Screen to click fraud customer that says, stop clicking me (your personal message with a set number of times before they get that error message)

2. Shows automated type click fraud that doesn't use a browser (for programs that are writing to click your site over and over again without loading it)

3. Reports to prove to Google, Overture and others, by a 3rd party company that you can give them to prove that you have be defrauded saving you at least 20% or more per month of advertising. Flags to point out a possible click fraud.

4. Which PPC search engine sent you the click, Time stamp, IP address, type of browser used, login location, number of times clicked by a certain IP, time on a page and what pages were clicked on after they arrived at your site and how long they stayed.

5. Easy installation and no maintenance after installation, except to look at possible fraud. 

6. Potential Click Fraud is automatically detected by our Click Fraud Engine

7. You can easily fine-tune numerous settings to control how our fraud engine behaves

8. Receive email notifications with detailed evidence when Click Fraud is detected

9. Easily create custom messages that will automatically be displayed to your website visitors when our Fraud Engine detects their Fraudulent behavior.

10. Stops competitors from spamming your ads

11. Detects click fraud across multiple PPCs and multiple IPs

12. Detailed, custom metrics analyze clicks from all sources to stop fraud

13. Works with all major organic and PPC search engines, email, banner ads and other ads

14. Detects both manual and automated click fraud

15. Helps you recover losses and turn negative campaigns into positive revenues


How easy is it to set up?

Once you have registered your web site with Click Watch Dog™ it's a 3 step process:

  1. Log into the Member Section of the Click Watch Dog™ site. Select Quick Start and register the landing page of your ad (or select a previously registered landing page).

  2. Next, copy the one-line Click Watch Dog Code Snippet and paste it into the <BODY> of your landing page. Upload the modified page to your web site. The person who maintains your website can do this for you. This is a once only task for each landing page.

  3. To activate click monitoring, log into your search engine account and add a Click Detective campaign ID ?cd=<campaignID> to the end of the destination URL of your ad:
    e.g. http://www.mydomain.com/myad.htm?cd=mycampaign


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